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Personal Branding in the Age of Internet - Internet Marketing, When You are the Brand

Personal Branding and Self Marketing in the age of Internet

Before going to the broad discussion, let's get introduced to some terms:
  • Brand = The image, the emotional image, the perceived image, identity, entity by others of a person, character, product , service, organization or abstract entity
  • Social Media = Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter where you can interact with others in a network
  • Social Network = The group both casual and professional people you can interact with online
  • Blog = Short for “Web Log”, just an online diary that can express any idea that you want to talk about. If you are reading this, you already know what it is
  • Authority = The situation where you become the most reliable source for information and deemed the most

Some Facts of Self Marketing and Personal Branding
  • The most valuable brand in this world is Apple? No, YOU!
  • Self Marketing is just like any other product or service marketing, but the product is YOU!
  • Personal Branding is equally strong as corporate branding
  • Good will is an asset for a company, likewise good reputation is also an asset for YOUrself!
  • Internet allows any brand to express their ideas, share their views and philosophies, including YOU!
  • If companies and brand can grow their reputation through website, so can YOU!
What Can You Do in the Internet?
  • Express ideas and showcase skills & experience
  • Share all the above with everyone
  • Interact with others and maintain 2 way communication
  • Establish yourself as authority
  • Measure impression, traffic, and influence

Getting Started with Online Personal Branding

What You Need for a Good Job Application

  • A compelling CV/Resume
  • Link to your publications, resources, articles
  • A website where you can post more information about you, your skill, experience, your achievements, etc.
  • A professional blog to express your professional views
  • Social media profiles where you can network with like minded professionals and friends

Analyzing Your Personal Brand

  • Can you own your actual name? (Asif Anwar)
  • Is your name very common? (~20 of them by the same name)
  • Can you add anything to your name? (Asif Anwar SEOExpert)
  • Is there any nick name you use? (Pathik)
  • What about a descriptor /pseudonym? (marketguru)
  • Consider and choose a your brand (SEOExpert)
  • Create a new term or phrase (SEOple – SEO People)
  • Is geography a consideration? (SEOExpertBD)

Finalizing Your Personal Brand

  • Pick a brand name
  • Google your brand name (Zero Google result is ideal)
  • Assess your current reputation
  • Check User Name availability with www.CheckUserNames.com
  • Create Social Media account for your personal branding
  • Create Good Contents and enrich your social media profile
  • Get URL Vanity URLs for your profiles (e.g. instead of http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1234567890 get http://www.facebook.com/asifanwar

Considerations for Online Presence

  • The link emphasizes your personal brand
  • The link is short and easy to type
  • The page is public and easily shareable
  • The page does not require password or is not invitation only
  • The page is search engine friendly
  • You can measure and view traffic
  • Has the ability to showcase as much contents as you want
  • You can update contents easily
  • Has the ability to showcase rich contents
  • Has networking feature (Friends, Fans, Follower, Subscribers)

Popular Sites for Personal Branding

For Resume: LinkedIn, BDJobs, VisualCV
For Document and CV Upload: Scribd, Google Docs, DocStoc
For Images: Flickr, Picassa, Facebook Page, PhotoBucket
For Videos: YouTube, Facebook Page, Vimeo, DailyMotion
For Presentations: SlideShare, Google Docs, AuthorStream
For Blogging: Blogspot, WordPress, Tumblr, Facebook Note
For Personal Website: Webs.com, Google Sites, Yola, WeblyFor Shortening URL: Bit.ly, TinyURL, Goo.gl
For Audio files and Podcasting: YouListen, MyPodcast, iTunes Podcast, PodBean, PodOMatic.

Few Tips on Resume Site and Offsite Resume
  • Pictures are worth thousands of words, use them. Animation, flash, infographics are good way to attract those that leave your site or blog in 5 seconds
  • To make your site search engine friendly, make as much pages as you can on your various skills or try to place links to your blog in one place
  • For skills, make a video tutorial of what you know and embed them in your site.
  • Additionally, you can also put the video thumbnail on your CV with QR Code (Generate from http://qrcode.kaywa.com/)
  • Use custom Bitly links (e.g. http://bit.ly/asifanwar) when you refer any link in your Resume.
Have a look at the video of the article in Bangla (English version coming soon)

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